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Intake Manifolds

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      Edelbrock Intake Manifolds

      We have partnered with Edelbrock to offer you the finest intake manifolds in the industry. Not unlike STILLEN, Edelbrock strives for perfection in their products through vigorous testing and customer feedback. Edelbrock intake manifolds are designed for specific driving applications. The manifolds used by a race car driver will not be the same manifolds used by an everyday street driver. Edelbrock excels at identifying the characteristics of their intake manifolds that work well under certain driving conditions.

      Edelbrock manufactures their intake manifolds with the finest aluminum and are machined on site using the most advanced computerized equipment available. Intake manifolds are a crucial piece of machinery in your vehicle by ensuring the fuel/air mixture is evenly distributed to the cylinders every time.

      Edelbrock Manifold Gaskets

      Edelbrock's manifold gaskets are made from high quality materials to be heat resistant, last a long time, and to create a solid seal every time. Edelbrock manifold gaskets work with stock parts and other aftermarket components.

      Edelbrock Manifold and Carburetor Kit

      Edelbrock offers its intake manifolds with a carburetor kit. This is not only a great performance upgrade, but the aesthetically pleasing looks of the high quality aluminum is showroom quality.

      Edelbrock Turbocharger Exhaust Manifold

      Stop wasting your turbocharger heat. Turbocharger exhaust manifolds turns your wasted heat into power. The Edelbrock turbocharger exhaust manifold is for the Honda Civic and Honda Civic Del Sol.

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