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FAQ: Axle Back Exhausts

Q: What are the advantages of an axle back exhaust?

A: Axle back exhausts are a great way to increase the style, sound, and pleasure out of your car without breaking the bank.

Q: Why are axle back exhausts cheaper than catback exhausts?

A: Simple put, less material. A cat-back exhaust goes all the way from the catalytic converters to the rear bumper. Most axle back exhaust systems start right behind the rear axle. There is less material and work going into an axle back exhaust. Therefore, less cost.

Q: Will an axle back exhaust change the sound of my car?

A: Sound is one of the primary reasons to change the axle back exhaust on your car. You won't see much of a performance gain with an axle back exhaust but it is a great way to improve the sound output.

Q: Will an axle back exhaust void my warranty?

A: An axle back exhaust will not void your manufacturers warranty and most stainless steel exhaust systems come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Q: How often do I need to clean the exhaust?

A: It depends on where you live. Regions that use road salts for de-icing typically require that the underside of the car be cleaned more regularly. If you live near the ocean and are in a humid environment.

Q: Are axle back exhaust systems smog legal (CARB exempt)?

A: Axle back exhaust systems are exempt from smog testing in most states including California (who has the strictest laws in the U.S).