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FAQ: Cat back exhaust systems

Q: What is a cat back exhaust system

A: A cat back exhaust system is a great way to add power and style to your car by removing the restrictive factory exhaust system.

Q: Why are cat back exhausts better than axle back exhausts?

A: cat back exhaust systems improve the efficiency of the exhaust system from the catalytic converters all the way to the back of the car. An axle back really improves the look and sound.

Q: What is the warranty on a cat-back exhaust?

A: Stainless steel exhausts carry a limited life time warranty against rust through. Surface corrosion is not unusual but if the exhaust fails or begins to leak you will be covered under warranty.

Q: Will a cold air intake kit void my warranty?

A: An intake will not void your warranty. However, if not supported by the car’s manufacturer they might not warranty parts that are directly connected to the intake (throttle body, mass air flow sensor, etc).

Q: Do I need to clean my exhaust?

A: It depends on where you live. People who live in areas where road salts are used should be mindful that these salts are corrosive and should clean the underside of the car more regularly.

Q: Are exhaust systems smog legal (CARB exempt)?

A: All cat-back exhaust systems that do not alter, modify or remove a catalytic converter are smog legal in accordance with most state and federal laws. We do recommend that you check your local laws just to be sure.