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Universal Blow Off Valve

STILLENĀ® offers universal blow off valves to reduce the wear on your turbocharged engine. When you are under a turbo boost and let off the throttle, all the air needs somewhere to go. This is where the blow off valve comes into play. A blow off valve allows the air to escape rather than go back through the turbo. The sounds a blow off valve makes is quite appealing. The crisp clean whistle sound almost sounds like a jet engine whirring down.

A dual port blow off valve has an atmospheric valve and a re-circulation valve. It can be converted to full recirculation or full atmospheric easily.

A plumb back blow off valve is a full re-circulation valve that does not make the loud whistling sound an atmospheric valve does.

A supersonic blow off valve is for the racer that works the turbo hard and enjoys the whistling sound of the venting.

STILLENĀ® offers blow off valves manufactured by Turbosmart. With a blow off valve manufactured by Turbosmart, you know you are getting the perfect mixture of quality and performance. Their focus is manufacturing performance parts that are smaller and lighter and higher performing.

Simply choose your vehicle above to find the right blow off valve for your vehicle or talk to one of our performance part experts at (866)250-5542.