Short Throw Shifters

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      Short Shifters by STILLEN and B&M

      When changing gears through your manual transmission, the distance it takes your hand to move the shifter from gear to gear is known as the throw. Some people want the throw to be a shorter distance so shifting is quicker and more accurate. This setup is especially useful while driving a sports car. Stock shifters usually do not take into account the throw distance as the OEM manufacture is more concerned with looks and comfort.

      Short shifters do not require any work done to the transmission. Simply put, short shifters achieve their goal by the design of the shifter itself. A shorter shaft, reduced angle, and bolt placement are a few ways short shifters can change the throw distance on your manual transmission. Short shifters can shorten the throw of your shifter up to 60%. Reduced play while in gear and reduced rattling with short throw shifters by Stillen and B&M.

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