STILLEN R&D Wants Your Vehicle

New Product Development Vehicles

The STILLEN Research & Development team wants your vehicle for new product development! If you have one of the vehicles below and live in the Southern California area, please contact us by emailing

Additional Information
No vehicles at this time. Please check again soon.

STILLEN Test Vehicle Policy


We ask that the vehicle be local to us. STILLEN will not pay to transport the vehicle.

What STILLEN Will Do While They Have My Vehicle?

The vehicle will be used for measuring and testing purposes only. We will not drive the vehicle unless otherwise explained to the customer. We simply need to measure the appropriate parts of the vehicle and perform any tests as necessary. Vehicles used for performance parts development may be run on a dynamometer. If so, the owner will be supplied with the results for their files.

How Long Will STILLEN Have My Vehicle?

STILLEN builds a wide range of parts and some parts take longer than others to develop. If you are willing to allow us to use your vehicle, we will discuss the timeframe during the initial phone call.

What Will I Get?

STILLEN will offer the customer the first production part at no charge. We only ask that we are able to use the vehicle again for final installation instructions and promotional images. This process will take less than 1 day to complete.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information about STILLEN's new product development test vehicle policy, please contact us. You can reach our experts emailing