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2006-2013 Lexus IS250 / IS350 Black-i Series Coilovers

MSRP $1,993.95
  • Damper Force Adjustable; Ti2000 Titanium Composite Spring; Mono-Tube Shock Body; Warranty 1 Year / 12,000 Miles From The Day of Purchase
  • Spring Rate F/R (kg/mm): 18.00 / 16.00
  • Recommended F/R: -0.8" to -1.8" / -1" to -2.8"; Maximum F/R: -0.6" to -6.7" / -0.8" to -7.7"
  • Dampening Adjust F/R: 36 Way / 36 Way
Mfg Part # : XBKT275M


RS-R Black-i Coilovers

The Black*i coilover system from RSR has been developed based on a completely different concept from coilovers in the past. Ultra-short stroke shock assembly is used to accommodate the low height setting. The damping force and spring rate is carefully selected for an optimal ride quality. as such, the vehicle is able to be lowered a lot more than any other coilover while keeping a comfortable ride quality.

Coilovers are supposed to function a specific way. The ride height, preload, valving, and spring rates should all work together to provide a specific type of ride. Taking them out of its recommended range causes imbalance and undesired ride quality, especially when you want the car to be low, extremely low. That's where the RS*R Black-i comes in. Not only is it made to allow you to lower your car to levels most coilovers are incapable of, but they have been specifically engineered to do so, in their valving, spring preload, and spring rate. Looking good does not need to sacrifice ride quality or even performance any longer. Look good and have an enjoyable ride with it.

Recommended for the following users:

  • Want to enjoy the super low stance
  • Want to individualize the vehicle with a custom look
  • Want to have the sharp handling responsiveness
  • Suspension with the ability to go super low

RS-R Black-i Coilovers Technology

The RS-R coilovers are all monotube hand assembled systems specifically designed to improve ride quality, performance, and comfort. Utilizing components such as; laser cut upper mounts, hand welded lower brackets, vehicle specific valving, are all assembled by hand to ensure quality and detail.

Utilizing Urethane bushing instead of bearing to reduce excessive vibrations from every day driving, as well as minimizing noises from suspension movements.

On MacPherson type suspension, as the suspension rotates along with the steering wheel, the coil springs may be prone to twisting. RS-R suspension utilizes roller bearings to eliminate spring twist noise. Rubber padding is utilized to help eliminate potential noise from suspension movements.

Damper adjustment dials are up to 36 way adjustable to tune the shocks compression and rebound to each individuals needs for almost any driving condition.

If desired, the upper mounts on select vehicles can add 1.5 degree of camber from the preset setting by unbolting the upper mount and rotating the plate 180 degrees. (for more precise control of camber, adjustable camber plates are available for select models)



About RS-R Parts & Accessories

RS*R strives to create only high-performance/high-quality products that do not exist in offerings from other companies. They do that by actively embracing the trial of motorsports competition such as drag races, N1, sprints, drifting, rallies and Super GT.

Now RS*R are in the 21st century, where the social climate and technological innovation changes quickly. They want to pursue what our customers need, and what is best for society. In order to do that, the team are committed to develop and manufacture products that satisfy the demand of their consumers now and in the future – without forgetting our beginning through the best technology and service.

RS*R takes pride in their young energy, imagination and curiosity; their continuously questioning mind; and spirit of fortitude.


  • 2006 - 2013 Lexus IS250
  • 2006 - 2013 Lexus IS350


2006-2013 Lexus IS250 / IS350 Black-i Series Coilovers

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