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1990-1993 Nissan 300ZX Turbo Gates Underdrive Pulley Belt Set

MSRP $80.25
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7 Review(s)
  • For Use With STILLEN Underdrive Crank Pulley Only
  • Quality Gates Belt
  • Shorter Than OE Size To Fit Pulley
SKU: : 400210
Mfg Part # : 400210


Performance Crank and Accessory Pulleys

STILLEN has long manufactured precision pulleys for our supercharger kits. We have used this expertise to produce a new line of high performance crank and accessory pulleys.

Each pulley is machined from 6061 aerospace grade billet aluminum with a bold new design to maximize performance, strength and minimum weight. 304 stainless steel sleeves are used for main seal contact points for durability. Stock timing marks are maintained and keyways are precision broached. All pulleys are CNC turned, milled and balanced based on computer generated designs.

Up to 80% lighter weight than stock steel and up to 10% lighter than other aftermarket pulleys, we've seen power gains of up to 10+ HP at the wheels.

Both underdrive and stock diameter applications available for most popular Nissan / Infiniti vehicles.



About STILLEN Parts & Accessories

Steve Millen Sportparts, Inc. and STILLEN humbly started their race to the front of the pack in 1986. Starting with aftermarket mini-truck appearance packages, we quickly found ourselves fulfilling customer's requests to build products for other vehicles such as vans and full-sized trucks.

With that came performance parts, suspension pieces, and upgraded brake products such as big brake systems. Capitalizing on his racing career, and knowing what it took to make sports cars perform like no other, it was only natural for Steve Millen to branch out into the import car scene. Over two decades later, we offer a full array of products encompassing styling, performance, handling, and braking products for just about any car, truck, or SUV.


  • 1990 - 1993 Nissan 300ZX - Turbo;


1990-1993 Nissan 300ZX Turbo Gates Underdrive Pulley Belt Set

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  • Janderson Rodrigues

    by Janderson Rodrigues
    Just got on my 09 G37s coupe!!!! You can feel the difference,well done! Also i have Stillen Intake and Exhaust...5 star!
  • Tihomir Valchev

    by Tihomir Valchev
    I own 2010 Altima SR Sedan. I was looking at this pulley for a while before I pulled the trigger. Of course, I purchased the belt as well since the pulley has smaller diameter. About 15min later I received a call from Ivan, customer service representative, who let me know that he could save me money. Apparently, I did not know that they have promotion going on for the month of March and if you purchase the pulley then you get the belt for free. So, that was very nice of him and Stillen in general. Great experience!

    About the pulley itself I would like to say that I am very happy with it. Did not know what exactly to look for once I had it installed. Couple days after the installation driving around at low RPM I noticed the difference. Before I could notice and feel something like knock when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, and when I depress and release the gas pedal. With the new pulley the car behaves a lot better. Shifting gears is smoother and definitely the car pulls much better when I take off. Well spent money and the upgrade is worth buying. Wish Stilled has alternator and water pump pulleys.
  • Jeff Pulikowski

    by Jeff Pulikowski
    Well after installing a Gen 3 CAI and Stillen Cat Back exhaust system on my 2014 Q60S the next logical upgrade was the pulley. I wasn't expecting much so I was happily surprised when I left Stillen after my installtion.....definite difference when you accelerate. Now I have to fight the urge to super-charge.....staying away from Stillen for awhile. Again thanks.
  • Ivan Breedlove

    by Ivan Breedlove
    Eliminates stock harmonic balancer, no engine knocking or shaking after install. It feels like the car is eagerly awaiting for you to push on the gas, compared to the sluggish stock feeling.
  • Tracey barnett

    by Tracey barnett
    my altima just wants to keep going and going and going lol it's fun.
  • Jim Yu

    by Jim Yu
    Excellent mod for my 2010 Nissan Maxima, Replaces the OEM one, Benefits from this is it makes the cars acceleration more responsive and accelerates a lot better.
  • David Mamer

    by David Mamer
    Great improvement in performance. With the pulley installation on top of the Cat-Back exhaust and air-intake kit, my 2005 just want to run. What a tremendous difference. Love it.