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STILLEN Ford GT Exhaust System

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STILLEN Ford GT Exhaust System

We are proud to announce our new exhaust products for the Ford GT. When Steve Millen went in search of the ultimate American production car to run in the grueling, week-long Targa in New Zealand, there was only one clear choice - the Ford GT. With its stunning balance of performance, handling and good looks, the GT proved to be a worthy platform. Development quickly began, and continues, on enhancements to the few weak spots, the results of which are now available to all GT owners.

The Ford GT leaves little to be desired, but for those who will settle for nothing but the best - improvements can be made. The STILLEN Ford GT Exhaust replaces the entire factory muffler box with a streamlined 3" 409 stainless steel assembly. The pipes merge at an "X" crossover just before the rear valence and which equalizes the exhaust pulses providing a boost in power and a deep, powerful exhaust note.

  • 3" 409 Stainless Steel Tubing with Polished Ceramic Finish
  • Milled Aluminum Brackets with Stainless Steel "Leaf Spring" attach the exhaust to the transmission, but allow for expansion, while keeping the exhaust in place
  • "X" Pipe Equalizes Exhaust Pulses and Increases Power
  • Replaces Entire Factory Muffler Box - Reduces Underhood Temps
  • Ceramic Coating Prevents Heatsoak of the Airbox and Keeps Exhaust Velocity
  • Increases HP and Imparts a Deep Rumble to the GT Exhaust Note

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About STILLEN Parts & Accessories

Steve Millen Sportparts, Inc. and STILLEN humbly started their race to the front of the pack in 1986. Starting with aftermarket mini-truck appearance packages, we quickly found ourselves fulfilling customer's requests to build products for other vehicles such as vans and full-sized trucks.

With that came performance parts, suspension pieces, and upgraded brake products such as big brake systems. Capitalizing on his racing career, and knowing what it took to make sports cars perform like no other, it was only natural for Steve Millen to branch out into the import car scene. Over two decades later, we offer a full array of products encompassing styling, performance, handling, and braking products for just about any car, truck, or SUV.


Ford GT Exhaust System

    based on 0 Reviews

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