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STILLEN Generation 2 Long Tube Dual Intake Kit

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Generation 2 Intakes for Nissan and Infiniti

For those With a Dual Throttle Body 350Z, 370Z, M37, G35 Sedan and G37 Coupe owners who want improved performance with a show quality shine, we've introduced our Gen 2 Long Tube Intakes.

We replace the restrictive factory air boxes with two (2) dual cone genuine K&N reusable high flow conical air filters (oil filter option) or two AEM dry filters (dry filter option). These filters are designed with an integral velocity stack and attach to our newly designed polished aluminum long tubes. Replacing the factory intake tubes with the STILLEN design adds additional horsepower, and a great look for the engine bay.

The filters sit inside custom-fitted urethane intake boxes, which ensure no hot engine compartment air gets sucked into the intake tract. This creates a cold air path, and unlike other manufacturers who only partially shield the filter from hot underhood air, STILLEN has fully enclosed the filters and draws on cold air from behind the grille, for optimum performance.

As with all of our urethane intake boxes, these can be left natural black or painted to match the color scheme of the car.

STILLEN Generation 2 Long Tube Dual Hi-Flow Intake Features:

  • Polished Aluminum Mandrel Bent Pipes Completely Replace Factory Tubes
  • Silicone Connectors
  • True Cold Air design via Urethane Boxes
  • Genuine K&N Filters - Dual Cone w/Integrated Velocity Stack (oiled filter option)
  • Easy to clean, genuine AEM dry filters (dry filter option)
  • No Check Engine Light (CEL) ProblemsNo Chance of HydrolockingEase of access to filter elements
  • Easy to Follow Instructions

The STILLEN Generation 2 Long Tube Dual Hi-Flow Intake is mild under cruising situations, and really comes to life creating an impressive intake note under acceleration.

Make sure to check out the newly released Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake for maximum horsepower.



About STILLEN Parts & Accessories

Steve Millen Sportparts, Inc. and STILLEN humbly started their race to the front of the pack in 1986. Starting with aftermarket mini-truck appearance packages, we quickly found ourselves fulfilling customer's requests to build products for other vehicles such as vans and full-sized trucks.

With that came performance parts, suspension pieces, and upgraded brake products such as big brake systems. Capitalizing on his racing career, and knowing what it took to make sports cars perform like no other, it was only natural for Steve Millen to branch out into the import car scene. Over two decades later, we offer a full array of products encompassing styling, performance, handling, and braking products for just about any car, truck, or SUV.


Generation 2 Long Tube Dual Intake Kit

  • Bill Mueller

    by Bill Mueller
    Just installed the G2 in my 370Z today. What a difference this intake makes in not only sound, which is amazing at full throttle, but also performance. From the 3k to 5k RPM range I have noticed quite a difference over the stock intakes. The higher RPM range as well sees a considerable increase in performance. Again, the sound is really cool. You can certainly hear the increased air flow while driving. Went with the G2's for ease of Filter access. The engine bay looks like quite a big upgrade from stock. Looks much more daunting now. Installation went very well and took approximately 1 1/2 hours. Very satisfied with this purchase. Very satisfied indeed.
  • Morgan Eggert

    by Morgan Eggert
    I installed the G2 long tubes, very nice addition to my G37S coupe. Improved HP and Torque and 15 or so. The power band from 3-6 is awesome. Theres a nice growl which makes you want to punch it every time the light turns green. The major reason i bought this instead of the G3s was the ease of installation and maintenance. Nice job Stillen!
  • Arnold Cua

    by Arnold Cua
    Ease of placement. Enhanced appearance of the engine compartment. Nice polished stainless steel. Sound during throttle is amazing. Great modification value.
  • Daniel Marks

    by Daniel Marks
    I installed the G2 kit on my 2008 G35X sedan along with the G2 cat-back exhaust and wow! what a difference. It is deceptively fast and really kicks when I stomp on it. I love it. Very noticeable extra power and torque. Excellent quality and appearance. I just purchased the high flow cats and can't wait to get them installed. Stillen rocks!

based on 4 Reviews

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