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STILLEN Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Dual Intake Kit

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STILLEN Dual Intakes for Nissan and Infiniti

STILLEN Introduces the All New Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake for the dual throttle body VQ engines.

STILLEN was the first national tuner to introduce a high flow intake for the Nissan / Infiniti VQ37 cars. Our first short tube intake provided a small gain in power with a great sound. Economical and easily installed, this Generation 1 Short Tube Intake became instantly popular. Some months later we introduced our Generation 2 Long Tube Intake, featuring polished tubes, even better sound and a power gain over the Generation 1.

Our continuing dedication to getting the maximum performance from each vehicle has lead to the introduction of our new Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake. This intake has a radically new design that provides dramatically better power than any intake on the market for the VQ37 equipped vehicle's. Our R&D team went engineered and dyno tested more than 50 variations before being satisfied that this system is the best that can be made for the VQ37 engines.

The new Gen 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake places two large K&N filters (oiled filter option) or two AEM dry filters (dry filter option) in front of the radiator. Strategic placement of the filters allow for optimum cold air flow and easy filter removal for cleaning. It features additional polished tubes that pass through the front core support, larger air filters than the Generation 2 unit. On some applications such as the G37 a urethane splash guard is included in the kit to help protect the filter. This is only necessary on vehicles with larger grill openings from the factory. All kits feature a system of varied diameter tubing and steps to maximize air velocity.

The power result: A dyno-proven 20 horsepower gain at the wheelson the Dual Throttle Body 350Z, 18.5 horsepower gain at the wheels on the G37 Coupe and 17.5 horsepower on the 370Z. This translates to an estimated 20-22 horsepower gain at the flywheel! For G37/G35 Sedan owners, gains are 14 horsepower at the wheels. No other intake for the VQ can match these power gains!

Recommended installation requires removal of the front fascia clip (not absolutely necessary for some vehicles, but significantly aids in ease of installation) and slightly enlarging the holes through the front core support. No other part relocation or parts removal is required.



About STILLEN Parts & Accessories

Steve Millen Sportparts, Inc. and STILLEN humbly started their race to the front of the pack in 1986. Starting with aftermarket mini-truck appearance packages, we quickly found ourselves fulfilling customer's requests to build products for other vehicles such as vans and full-sized trucks.

With that came performance parts, suspension pieces, and upgraded brake products such as big brake systems. Capitalizing on his racing career, and knowing what it took to make sports cars perform like no other, it was only natural for Steve Millen to branch out into the import car scene. Over two decades later, we offer a full array of products encompassing styling, performance, handling, and braking products for just about any car, truck, or SUV.


Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Dual Intake Kit

  • Sean Cottman

    by Sean Cottman
    I didn't get my 12 g37 journey sedan on the dyno but, there's some extra power available, real power! I'm pretty mechanically inclined but the hardest part of the install was removing and replacing the front fascia. It's worth it though! 2/3/2015
  • Eric Mason

    by Eric Mason
    I purchased the Gen 3 CAI and installation was pretty easy for the most part. Paired with the Stillen Cat-back Exhaust my 350Z is truly primal. Thank you Kenny Doung for the recommendation of what intake and exhaust to get. I haven't dyno the Z with new setup but will next month. However my Butt-dyno tells me at least 25-30hp for the pair.
  • Tony Boyce

    by Tony Boyce
    A big shout out & thank you to Adam Hume for all his help & advice answering numerous emails regarding various performance parts.

    I ordered the Gen 3 intakes for my 2014 370Z & was shipped to Australia via US Postal with a 9 day delivery time. Awesome!

    I installed the intakes myself without too much drama & I'd never done anything like this before. Anyway after installation I was instantly gratified by increased power & deep throaty growl when you give it the boot. Totally unexpected & couldn't be happier. Looking forward to doing more mods, next will be ceramic headers.

    Highly recommend. :)
  • Miguel Estrella

    by Miguel Estrella
    I bought this CAI for my 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe and it makes a big difference! When you stomp on the car WOT you can definitely hear it come to life! I also got a tune and I got 311 whp on a 5AT. (w/ other mods included of course)
  • Matthew Trice

    by Matthew Trice
    After installing this intake I could instantly feel the gains and performance boost. The sound is amazing and the materials used in the kit are quality. Great product!!!
  • Kenneth Howard

    by Kenneth Howard
    It truly does not get any better than this! The horsepower gains and the sounds of Nissan power at work are nothing short of outstanding. All that a bag of chips and 12 Snapples

    To go! This is a must have addition for any 370Z Owner.

based on 6 Reviews

To write a review please select specific product