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Grounding Kit - Silver Wires

MSRP $122.00
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  • Silver Wire Kit
  • Application-Specific Fitment For A Bolt-On Install
  • Ensures Proper Ground to Sensors and Computers to Prevent Performance Loss
  • Featuring 8-Gauge Copper Wire, Gold Plated Connectors and 4-Gauge and 8-Gauge Ring Connectors
  • Improve Shifting and Reduce Shift Lag on Automatic Vehicles
  • Fits RWD & AWD Models
SKU: : 606358
Mfg Part # : 606358


You are losing horsepower and torque without STILLEN's new Grounding Kits. Today's engine management systems utilize hundreds of sensors and in some cases over 12 onboard computers that constantly monitor all parameters of the engine and powertrain.

Installing STILLEN's Grounding Kit ensures that sensors and computers are not affected by power surges that can drain performance. This ensures that all wire diameters are optimal for amperage and current travel distance.

These kits feature 8-gauge copper wire, gold plated connectors along with 4-gauge & 8-gauge ring connectors, and are developed specifically for your application. Available in silver or red.

These grounding kits will also improve the shifting on automatic transmission vehicles, and in most cases noticeably improve shift times and reduce lag.



About STILLEN Parts & Accessories

Steve Millen Sportparts, Inc. and STILLEN humbly started their race to the front of the pack in 1986. Starting with aftermarket mini-truck appearance packages, we quickly found ourselves fulfilling customer's requests to build products for other vehicles such as vans and full-sized trucks.

With that came performance parts, suspension pieces, and upgraded brake products such as big brake systems. Capitalizing on his racing career, and knowing what it took to make sports cars perform like no other, it was only natural for Steve Millen to branch out into the import car scene. Over two decades later, we offer a full array of products encompassing styling, performance, handling, and braking products for just about any car, truck, or SUV.


  • 2011 - 2012 Infiniti G25
  • 2007 - 2008 Infiniti G35 - Body- Sedan;
  • 2008 - 2009 Infiniti G37 - Body- Coupe;
  • 2009 Infiniti G37 - Body- Sedan;
  • 2010 Infiniti G37 - Body- Coupe;
  • 2010 Infiniti G37 - Body- Sedan;
  • 2011 Infiniti G37 - Body- Coupe;
  • 2011 Infiniti G37 - Body- Sedan;
  • 2012 Infiniti G37 - Body- Coupe;
  • 2012 - 2013 Infiniti G37 - Body- Sedan;
  • 2013 Infiniti G37 - Body- Coupe;
  • 2011 - 2013 Infiniti M37
  • 2011 - 2013 Infiniti M56
  • 2015 Infiniti Q40
  • 2014 - 2015 Infiniti Q50
  • 2014 - 2015 Infiniti Q70
  • 2007 - 2008 Nissan 350Z
  • 2009 - 2015 Nissan 370Z


Grounding Kit - Silver Wires

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  • Yes it does what they claim.

    by David
    I was skeptical of the claims at first but with my Engineering background they made sense. The more electrical components in the system the more grounding necessary, the factory had to cut corners somewhere (small gauge wire or not enough)
    The kit did not take long to install (2013G37S with 7 speed auto trans) about an hour and fit just as shown in the instructions. What I did notice the most was in the transmission shifting, a little firmer, quicker when using the paddle shifters and when accelerating fast in drive. Just what I was looking for.
    My only complaint… the kit is not offered in black. I went with silver… red is not a good color choice for a grounding upgrade kit in my opinion.