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Whipple 2005-06 Ford GT Supercar Superchargers

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Whipple 2005-2006 Ford GT Supercar Supercharger

If you're craving more power from your GT Supercar, Whipple has the answer. Get the industry's largest, most efficient and latest designed twin-screw supercharger available today. The new Whipple system can produce incredible power levels with stock 5.4L GT engines as well as highly modified engines. The revolutionary new compressor has the ability to run nearly 30lbs of boost (engine modifications required) for unheralded performance.

This direct bolt-on replacement system gives you the ability to run far higher boost levels than the factory 2.3 liter screw-type supercharger while lowering supercharger air temperatures and power consumption (hp). This bolt-on system comes as a "tuner" system which gives tuners the ability to run various boost levels and tunes.

Want to run a different boost level? In a matter of minutes, just loosen the 4 bolts, release tension from belt and the SC pulley can be replaced. No need to remove the supercharger for every pulley change as you must with the factory SC. Each kit includes two SC pulleys of your choice, an adjustable idler pulley for extra belt wrap on the sc pulley and extra belt adjustment as well as all the necessary hardware for a very easy bolt-on installation. Whipple also offers a custom-tuned Diablo Predator flash tool and Diablo MAFia for direct bolt-on performance.

The Whipple GT kit not only offers a better supercharger, but the potential to have one of the fastest, most powerful street machines on the road today.

Whipple Supercharger Features:

  • Over 100rwhp gain with 15psi and custom tune.
  • Over 200rwhp gain with 19psi, custom tune, Ford Racing headers and cat-back exhaust.
  • Over 40hp gain at stock boost levels due to lower parasitic losses.
  • Over 40deg F cooler air at 15psi allows for more spark advance and more power.
  • Direct bolt on replacement.
  • Lower noise level.
  • More power, cooler charge air temp, less power consumption/parasitic loss than stock Lysholm 2.3 liter.
  • 3.4 liter vs. 2.3 liter compressor for more power potential.
  • Up to 95% efficiency.
  • Boost range 15 - 30 psi with SC pulley changes.
  • 4 bolts to remove SC pulley, no need to pull SC off for pulley.
  • Included adjustable idler pulley for extra belt adjustment.
  • Internally lubricated.
  • Award winning fit and finish.
  • Polished finish.



About Whipple Superchargers

Whipple Superchargers is owned and operated by it’s founder Art Whipple and is located in Fresno, CA. Founder and president Art Whipple has always been regarded as a true innovator and enjoyed a very successful racing career as crew chief and owner of Top Fuel Funny Cars and Dragsters, as well as many other forms of racing such as circle and drag boats.

With Whipple Superchargers extensive knowledge, technology and years of experience, Whipple developed an entirely new supercharger lineup that featured all of the latest technology in rotor profile, housing, rotor coating and bearing design to once again, revolutionize the twin-screw supercharger market. As the pioneer of the screw compressor market, Whipple’s dedication to innovative thinking, hard work, attention to detail and outstanding product performance has led to a better, American made product for the performance industry.


2005-06 Ford GT Supercar Superchargers

    based on 0 Reviews

    To write a review please select specific product