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Our Story

If you are new to the STILLEN brand... Welcome!

For the past 30 years, STILLEN has been committed to designing, testing and producing premium quality power, performance and styling products for automotive enthusiasts like you. We invite you to discover for yourself why we are trendsetters on the leading edge of technology and a proven benchmark of reference in the automotive performance industry.

A Racing Heritage

STILLEN products are inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of racing. On any given race day anywhere in the world, the display of raw power, precision engineering and on-the-edge performance thrills spectators and drivers alike. It's no coincidence that STILLEN products are race inspired. Our founder, Steve Millen, raced at the professional level for over 30 years, posting victories and setting records in prestigious track, road and off-road races.

While races are won on race day, behind every checkered flag is hundreds of hours of testing, modification, retesting and refinement. This commitment to meticulous design, precision engineering and exhaustive testing is what sets STILLEN apart from the competition.

Our team of expert engineers and craftsmen design, test and validate the fit, performance and durability of every product that bears our name. Pride and attention to detail is ingrained in the innovation, craftsmanship and performance of every STILLEN product. We back each sale with support and expertise unmatched in the industry.

You can purchase STILLEN products with confidence!

If You Want Something Done Right... Do It Yourself!

There's no outsourcing, overseas factories or offshore call centers at STILLEN. Product design, development and testing, fabrication, assembly, installation, expert advice, support, packaging, shipping - we do it all right here. What's more, we manufacture 98% of STILLEN products here as well. That's right...98% of STILLEN brand products are designed and made in the USA!

With 100% control over product development from concept to production to installation, we ensure each product we make delivers power, performance and style and withstands the harsh conditions of real world driving. Most importantly, all STILLEN products are designed to help you personalize your ride and remind you why you love driving!

Craftsmanship at Work

STILLEN is proud to offer U.S. made products of the highest possible quality. Located along the Orange County, California 'Automotive Alley', our campus includes office, manufacturing, shop and warehouse facilities spanning over 100,000 square feet. Here we design, test, manufacture and install thousands of automotive performance parts and accessories.

Every day our craftsmen produce CNC machined, fabricated tubing, billet and sheet metal, urethane and carbon fiber car and truck parts. Expert technicians assemble superchargers and big brake kits, while artisans are hand-shaping and fitting body kits and other body styling prototypes.

It's a thriving design and manufacturing environment - the kind that used to be common in America. You'll be glad to know that pride and workmanship are alive and well at STILLEN.

We welcome you to stop by and visit next time you're in the Southern California area!

Expert Advice

Lots of websites sell auto parts and accessories. But none offer the experience and knowledge of our customer service team. Think of them as your personal automotive counselors. They'll advise you on the best solutions for personalizing your ride with the power, performance and style you crave. With thousands of aftermarket parts and top brands to choose from, whatever you dream for your dream ride is just a phone call away!

Call us...we love talking about cars! 1-800-598-8568

Respected Performance Shop

Every online automotive parts website shouts about their 'service'. Here at STILLEN, service means something altogether different. Ours involves ratchets, wrenches, screwdrivers and grease - both elbow and the kind that comes out of grease guns. We have our own Performance Shop right here on our Southern California campus. Our team of ASE certified professional technicians install, tune and service brakes, suspension, superchargers, intakes, clutch kits, exhausts and more.

The STILLEN performance shop is an authorized installer for many manufacturers. In fact, we're the only certified Whipple superchargers installer in Southern California. It's just one of the reasons automotive enthusiasts from California to Nevada to Arizona seek out our Performance Shop for power, performance and style upgrades!
Visit our Performance Shop page for a full list of the services we provide.

Call 866-250-5542 for more information and appointments.

Trusted Seller

STILLEN manufactures a wide range of aftermarket products that add power, performance and style to a wide variety of cars and trucks. We also partner with over 40 select automotive brands to offer you one stop shopping for thousands of parts and accessories for your car or truck. Whether it's STILLEN or another premier automotive brand, we back every sale with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee: if we sell it, we guarantee it will fit and perform as intended.

Contact Us

Phone: 866-250-5542
Visit: 3176 Airway Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626