Cold Air Intake Kits

      FAQ: Cold Air Intakes

      Q: What are the advantages of a cold air intake system?

      A: cold air intake kits allow for cooler air to be drawn into the intake system providing a more oxygen rich air for the engine.

      Q: Why are cold air intakes more expensive than short ram intakes?

      A: cold air intake kits generally use more materials to extend the intake filter outside of the engine bay which raises costs.

      Q: Are the filters harder to clean on cold air intakes?

      A: The filter is usually a little harder to get to because it is located outside of the engine bay, but it not usually that difficult.

      Q: Will a cold air intake kit void my warranty?

      A: An intake will not void your warranty. However, if not supported by the car’s manufacturer they might not warranty parts that are directly connected to the intake (throttle body, mass air flow sensor, etc).

      Q: How often do I need to clean the filter?

      A: It depends on the filter that comes with the kit. Most companies include the recommended cleaning intervals with the kits.

      Q: Are cold air intake kits smog legal (CARB exempt)?

      A: Some cold air intake kits are Smog Legal (CARB exempt), but you need to check in the description and see if the one for your particular application has an EO#.