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Exhaust Systems


Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters

From: $559.96


Infiniti FX35 Headers

From: $564.17


Race Pipes

From: $261.89


Nissan Altima 2.5L Header

From: $350.62


Nissan Juke Exhaust

From: $248.90


Sentra Exhaust Systems

From: $269.00


G35 Sedan Exhaust Systems

From: $1,111.99

FAQ: Performance Exhausts and Exhaust Systems

What is the difference between a cat-back exhaust system and an axle-back exhaust system?

The difference between a cat-back exhaust and axle back exhaust is the length of the exhaust system. An axle-back exhaust begins at the last attachment point and goes to the tips. Cat-back exhausts start at the catalytic converter and go back to the tips. Cat-back exhaust systems include the middle pipe and rear section (axle-back). If you are just looking for a sportier sound and look, you will likely be happy with rear section exhaust. However, if you are looking for performance gains, in addition to sound and looks, you will probably want to go with cat-back exhaust upgrade.

What are the benefits of upgrading my exhaust?

Most people upgrade their exhausts for the performance gains - specifically horse power and torque. Some customers also report seeing fuel economy gains as well! Additionally, with a new exhaust, you get to enjoy a sportier sound that you would not typically get to enjoy with a stock exhaust system.

Will installing a new performance exhaust impact my manufacturer's warranty?

No, it will not. A dealer cannot void your warranty for installing a cat-back exhaust or rear exhaust system.

Are the exhausts STILLEN sells CARB legal?

Yes, each cat-back exhaust or rear exhaust STILLEN sells is CARB legal.

Why should I purchase an aftermarket exhaust from STILLEN?

Most importantly, STILLEN only sells exhaust systems made by reputable auto part manufacturers that stand behind their products. Currently, we carry exhausts made by STILLEN, JBA, Gibson, Magnaflow, Injen and COBB. For your peace of mind, each stainless steel exhaust we carry comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, we offer free shipping on most exhaust systems, so you are not charged an extra shipping fee to get your order to you. Last, but not least, STILLEN also manufacturers our own line of exhaust systems and has a full service performance shop that actually performs the installations. This means that we are truly experts and thorough knowledge of all the parts we sell.

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